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Upcoming Parent Workshop

Date: 2021-04-29 - 2021-05-31



Little Montessorian 幫助父母學懂如何去預備一個能誘發孩子進行自主性探索的活動空間促進孩子自行發展,成為一個獨立個體,透過蒙特梭利各種訓練來奠定完整的基礎。


Let’s start to teach your kids in Montessori way at home this year !

Parents can actually learn more in setting up your home environment and learn how to give out meaningful activities for your loved one. Let your child to be independent, self-motivated, and confident.  Here are some parenting programs that we aim to help you out in this year . 


Please see our website for full details: <>


Please reply the email if you would like to register for the course.

 Theory Course (Montessori and the Child)

To learn about Montessori Philosophy and how it is related to your child development during the most important period of the first 6 years of life.  

(1) What is Montessori education?

(2) Why is it important?

(3) When can you see the important signs (suggested by Maria Montessori) happen in your child life?

(4) How to observe the signs of sensitivity?

(5) What actions you should do to educate your child?


The Montessori and the Child course cover the Montessori Philisophy, Child Development, and the actions behind.  

This is a very hands-on and practical course if you want to practice Montessori learning method at home.  



Theory (Montessori and the Child)  ( 3.5 hr)

課程簡介 Course Outline: 

               Children Development

                Montessori and you

                Home (Prepared) Environment

                Philosophy and Actions behind

                Practical Life Training

                Sensorial Exploration

                Language Development

                Mathematics Learning

                Nature Discovery 

Date & Time:

Saturday,  29th May 2021 (9-12:30 pm)  

Course Fee: 

$ 800 / person    ($600 / for 2nd person or more people in the same family)




Senior  AMI  Montessori teacher


3/F Mandarin Building, 35-43B Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, HK 

 Payment Method: Childrenworks International Limited

                              HSBC # 809-424443-001 

OR  PAYME  at 64468016


If you would like to know more about our Parent courses, please feel free to give us a call at 26350892. / whatsapp 98493295 

Due to hygiene issue, all parents and caregivers are required to wear socks in Centre. Thank you for your co-operation !!

Thank you very much once again of your continuous support.


Our class is served as a first come –first served basis.   Please kindly reply this e-mail to secure the seats. 

  ***  如欲查詢更多家長班資料請致電26350892 / whatsapp 98493295 ***


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