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** 2017 New Montessori Home Education **
We are delighted to announce our brand new “Montessori Home Education” program for you. It is easy for you to prepare a Montessori learning environment at home for your child with the assistance of our professional team !
The “Montessori Home Education” program includes:
  • Professional Montessori tools
  • Free Consultant services: Home Visit – learning environment setup
  • Free Child assessment
  • Free Montessori parent workshops
  • Little Montessorian playgroup priority line
Should you have any enquiries, please call us at Little Montessorian hotline: 3621-0010.

Discovery Montessori Schools Open Day 2016-2017

Central Campus - SAT, Nov 5th at 10am - 12noon

Discovery Bay - SAT, Nov 12th at 10am - 12noon

DMA Primary - SAT, Nov 19th at 10am - 12noon

We will introduce the Discovery Montessori School's Philosophy and Curriculum.  Parents will have a chance to meet the qualified teaching team, take a tour of the campus and join in some fun activities with your children. Applications are being accepted for children aged 1 - 12 years.  
The facilities in both DMS campuses are brand new and purpose-built to Montessori specifications.  There are large and bright Montessori classrooms, library, multi-functional activity room, and an indoor and outdoor playground. 
To reserve your space, please RSVP:
Discovery Bay:  Tel. 2987 1201           
Central:  Tel. 2850 8006       
DMA Primary:  Tel. 2812.9668

Discovery Montessori Academy - Open Day 2016

DMA - Primary School - Saturday, Nov 19th from 10am - 12noon

Discovery Montessori Academy (DMA) is an International School for Pre-Primary and Primary Sections. We offer a bi-lingual (English & Putonghua) curriculum for children aged 6 years to 12 years. Our International Curriculum combines the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and the Elementary Montessori Program by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).


Please contact us at 2987.1201 for enrolment detail

To reserve your space of our Open Days, please contact us at 2987.1201 to RSVP. 

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We invite you to be a fan on our facebook page, so you can easily keep up-to-date about our recent activities and classes. These programs will help you to understand the Montessori Approach.


Discovery Montessori School's Open Day

Discovery Bay Campus  Saturday, 12th November 2016 


Please attend our Open Day on Saturday, November 20th from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM.  We will introduce the Discovery Montessori School's Philosophy and Curriculum.  Applications are being accepted for children aged 12 months - 6 years. Please call the Administration to make a reservation at 2987-1201

 Our facilities are brand new and purpose-built to Montessori specifications.  There are five Montessori classrooms, a library, a multi-functional activity room, and an indoor playground.

* Please contact us at 2987.1201 for enrollment details! *


  I joined the home schooling package 2 months ago. I want to thank the teachers and education consultants for offering me professional advices and helping me to set up the Montessori corner at home. My girl loves it!

from Angela Li





"Tomas has become so much more independent and always comes home with a smile. Thank you DMS for being so caring and supportive towards my child".
Carol Zheng

"Thank you DMS! My duaghter is finally enjoying mathematics. I can't believe she is now completing additon and subtraction problems... she is only 3 years old!"

Rebecca Craig

"We were both educated in a Montessori school in the US and were both so happy to have a brand new Montessori school open so close to our chome in Central. Our children get such a thrill from going to school at the same time daddy goes to work."
Mr and Mrs Dawson

"Simply put Discovery Montessori School is a lovely school. Our daughter loves the school and her teachers. We have been touched by the amount of passion the teachers have for teaching. More importantly, the teachers at Discovery Montessori truly care about the well being of each and every child."

Graham and Cindy Wallace

"Absolutely the best school around!! The children leave the school with a love of learning. Very highly recommended!!!"
Parents of Eric P.

"Discovery Montessori School is only new to Discovery Bay, yet it has exceeded all my expectations. I am just sad that my children can't stay there forever."

Winnie Chan-Fields

"Thanks for a great day at the Botanical gardens. I rarely have time to get out and do things with my child and going on the field trip together was such a fun experience - Takumi still asks everyday if we will go together to see the Gibbons!"

Mother of Takumi

"My son is now in Primary 1 after completing a year at Discovery Montessori School in DB. He is reading at a 2nd grade level where other children are still practicing their ABCs. We just couldn't be happier with our decision to send Matthias to Discovery Montessori."

James Prenzler

"Our daughter has been at Discovery Montessori since she was 1year and 5 months, (she is now nearly 3).

She has learned a lot at school through playing... from practical skills,
like pouring water into a cup and pushing the chair in when she stands up,
to learning another language (Mandarin).

I am delighted by the progress she has made, of course, but most of all, I am happy to see how much she loves going to school every day. After school she is so excited and proud to tell me what she did in class and she sings songs she has she learnt."


"My sons' concentration power has improved a lot since going to DMS. They used to wander around the house picking up and putting down toys but now they've learnt to work at toys one by one and most thankfully, put them back before moving on. They've also learnt discipline and manners in a fun and light hearted way. They have learnt to say please, put their hands on their laps as well as taking turns.
My sons have also learnt other useful skills (useful for kindie interviews!) like answering to their names, sorting, passing things etc.. The teachers seem to really understand the kids' stage of development, their abilities and limitations and have tailored things accordingly. My sons now sit right through circle time and seem to really enjoy it.
I personally enjoy the art projects most. While simple enough for the kids to do for themselves, they always incorporate different materials and textures for the kids to experience and explore.
A big thank you to the staff at DMS for making our classes so enjoyable!"

Kelvin Lai & family.

The passion and care of DMS staff and teachers has made Andre's transition from the Discovery Bay campus seamless and very successful. We are extremely glad to see Andre enjoying and looking forward to school every day. It is impressive to see how structured and organized DMS Central is and keeping parents well informed of the progress. We are very pleased to see the great progress that Andre has been making: being more independent, able to express himself better and able to better interact with others.

Overall, we are very happy with DMS Central and highly recommend to other parents. Last but not least, special thanks to you Katie, Ms. Asha, Ms. Hannah, and Ms. Catherine for all your help and care for Andre.

Ricky and Tessa

A couple years ago I was asked from one of my favourite mentor – where is the best place for a child to learn most of their life time knowledge? The right answer is “HOME”. It’s a place where your child learns the most from, a place where they spend most of their life time in. Hence, the ones who spend time at home are the teacher of this child. Your child is born to be like you, they absorb all good and bad that is from you. We as a parent has brought them into the world and all parents would like their child to be independent and most importantly to be independent as soon as they can be.
The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ – Maria Montessori
We were approached by one of the consultant from DMS when our daughter was 6 months old. From then, our home has only Montessori materials and books from library. The parental classes provided are very helpful and have helped us to direct our child to use. For our daughter, the materials are her “toys” and there are different ways to stimulate her interest in learning. For us, it is a medium to bond with our daughter. We are very pleased about how our child mastered her fine motor skill so easily and she can write on paper when she was 18 months. She loves to entertain herself with the materials and we love to direct her into new ways in the materials.

From Sabrina

I bought your product from UNY department in Hong Kong and am very impressed about the quality of your product and teaching aid provided in the package. Thank you.

from Amanda


I bought a few of your Mathematics products from SOGO last week. I’m so impressed that my daughter understands the addition and subtraction concept very easily through manipulating the tools.

Mrs Choi

I really want to thank you for recommending the Montessori tools to me in baby expo. My son really loves your products. He could concentrate for a long time when playing them and I’ve never seen him sit still for such a long time!


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